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Hi, I'm Malcolm, commonly referred to on the Internet as malxau. The main things of any use on this page are likely to be software, so let's cut to the chase...

Antinat Socks Server Version 0.91, Updated 20 Feb 2017
Antinat is a SOCKS server for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Mac OS X. A SOCKS server can be used as a general purpose, protocol agnostic proxy. This server supports most common SOCKS functions, including versions 4 and 5, authentication via username/password and CHAP, name resolution by name or IP, outbound and inbound connections, and includes a client library for developing SOCKS client applications.
clmp Version 1.10, Updated 10 Jun 2017
A fairly simple wrapper to achieve multi-processor compilation on versions of Visual C++ too old to support it natively (aka Visual C++ 6.)
cvtvt Version 0.70, Updated 16 Jul 2017
A toolkit for working with simple ANSI/VT100 commands on Windows. Can strip them, convert to HTML, or convert to Win32 colors.
A modern recreation of the MS-DOS 5 Edit tool for modern versions of Windows. Supports arbitrary terminal sizes, mouse input, and modern file encodings.
htmlclip Version 0.70, Updated 16 Jul 2017
Copy HTML to the clipboard as HTML. Similar to clip.exe (which is included in Windows) except for HTML. (Useful with cvtvt.)
MiniCRT Version 1.0, Updated 10 Jun 2017
A very minimalistic CRT for Windows. Can be used instead of MSVCRT to generate small binaries that run everywhere without annoying CRT installation. Not useful except with software designed to use it.
scut Version 1.20, Updated 16 Jul 2017
A toolkit for working with Windows shortcuts from the command line.
sdir Version 1.28, Updated 16 Jul 2017
Compact, colorful, sorted and rich directory enumeration for Windows. Inspired by HotDIR from the 80s, reimagined for long file names, new metadata, and arbitrary terminal sizes.
Serenity Audio Player Version 3.4.1, Updated 16 Jul 2017
Serenity is a playlist based audio player for Windows. It features a clean and simple interface and minimal overhead. Formats supported are limited only by CODECs and drivers installed on the machine.
which Version 1.20, Updated 16 Jul 2017
A version of which for Windows. Searches %PATH% by default, applying executable extensions. Can also search other environment variables too.
WinCvt Converter Toolkit Version 0.4.1, Updated 28 Feb 2016
WinCvt is a set of tools and library for interacting with Windows and Office converters. It allows conversion between arbitary document types, limited only by the converters installed on the host computer. In addition, it allows applications to be written that can use these converters. Bundled applications include tools to convert documents via GUI or command line, install converters, query system converters, preview documents, and more.
yori Version 2.20, Updated 28 Apr 2024
A replacement shell for CMD that supports backquotes, job control, improved tab completion, file matching, supports paths beyond MAX_PATH, along with assorted tools and utilities.